The life of Ella.

There once was a little girl named Ella, and she had a very tough life. Her mother and father had separated when she was young and it had a very hard impact on her life. As she was growing up, her dad drunk a lot and that made her upset and very scared. Sometimes she would get angry at others and that’s why she got sadder and sadder. Instead of telling people what she was feeling she would go into her bedroom at night and cry herself to sleep. At the time, she felt that she had no friends and was getting bullied. Ella felt like she couldn’t talk to anyone until…

One day, a very nice lady named Sarah came and introduced herself to all of the classes in Ella’s school. One particular day when Ella was feeling upset, worried and nervous she decided to go and talk to Sarah. (Sarah was a lady that helped people talk about their feelings.) Ella said to her that her parents problems were effecting her and that her father got drunk all the time and rung her up over the phone. Ella also explained about problems at school with the bullying and also her lack of kind friends. Sarah told her to try and keep her chin up with whatever she did and to try not to have it on her mind all of the time. One day passed and Ella was still worried so she went back to Sarah but this time she got Ella  to write her feelings down on paper so she did. Ella felt like it had helped her but had still not got rid of all of her worries. The next morning, while Ella sat outside on a bench by herself Sarah came outside and asked if she was okay. Ella said yes and Sarah left her alone to think for a little while. After the thinking she decided to go inside and talk to Sarah. Ella said that her father had rung her up drunk (again) and she didn’t want to show her emotions in-front of her mum and grandparents because they were very angry at him themselves. As Sarah was telling her how to get through this Ella suddenly lost it and started crying. Sarah comforted her and helped her to make her self esteem rise. Later that day, Ella was sat by herself again outside in the playground but instead of staying there she slowly got up and asked if she could join in with a game. The nice children let her play and for once in a long time she had laughed and smiled whilst with others. As she went back to her classroom, she ran into Sarah and told her the very good news.

As the weeks went by Ella felt more involved with her friends and she had the courage to talk to her dad about her problems. Sarah, her friends,mum, grandparents and dad were so proud of her. Sarah said to her “You have come so far with everything.” Ella was very happy to hear that and decided that when she had got rid of her worries, sadness and anger she wanted to hep others get through things just like she had done. So when Sarah decided she needed some helpers to get people to talk about their feelings so she asked all of the classes in Ella’s school to draw a poster to be a school ambassador and what that means to them. She also asked the classes that if they wanted to they could write a letter for a place as a school ambassador. After a few days Sarah chose one boy and one girl from Ella’s class to be school ambassador. Sarah read out the winning letters and ironically one of them was Ella’s!  Ella was so excited and happy that she almost cried. The first thing she wanted to do was help others get through their problems and maybe write a story about her life and how it had changed for the best.

Always talk about how you are feeling because you don’t know what good can come out of it. I really am supported and loved by my friends and family.  Always remember that everybody around you cares, trusts and loves you no matter what you have done. Always remember to love yourself as you are perfect just the way you are. If you are reading this and you can relate please take care of yourself as your life is priceless.

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