The little club

The little club are a gang of YouTubers, in my opinion they are very good at filming. Their names are Little_Kelly, Little_Carly, Little_Ally, Little_Donny, Max the monkey, Sharky, Scooba Steve, Doughnut the dog, Little_Lizard, Tiny_Turtle, Cassie the cat, Baby Leah, Baby Max, Baby Ellie(Little_Kelly) and evil Little_Kelly.

You parents out there these YouTubers don’t swear, there not sexual, there not inappropriate and they are safe, but in the walking dead,evil Little_Kelly and Ramona series they do mention things about dying and being slaves but they still don’t swear or anything like that.Most of their¬†videos are ether minecraft or roblox and just random vlogs they don’t really do anything else.

Why has YouTube grown to how it is now? In my opinion YouTube has grown because of all the YouTubers that make videos for you and people all across the globe. Also it is because they don’t do it just for the money they do it for you so that if you are sick or bored and you want something to do just watch some YouTube because it can entertain you and inspire you to do things that will be new, but some things can be dangerous or naughty. I also think that YouTube has grown because of fans watching ¬†YouTubers that are popular on YouTube like DanTDM, PewDiePie, The little club singers like Katy Perry, Lady GaGa. Maybe one day if you want to you could become a you tuber and make videos for other people.

Here are some YouTubers that are for adults and you should not watch I accidentally found these but don’t watch them they swear!

  • PewDiePie
  • Messyourself
  • Yandere Chan
  • Wolfie Raps

and others PLEASE don’t watch them!!!

These are YouTubers you can watch

  • DanTDM
  • stampylonghead
  • The little club
  • Durv
  • Toys and me
  • Sis v.s. Bro
  • Freak Family
  • MLPstopMotion

Comment who you like best or who you watch on YouTube!

2 Comments on "The little club"

  1. Well done Adi. You used good vocabulary, this is a really good story!

  2. hi its jasmine my favourite youtubers are liza koshy,adriana maiden and nightcore

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