The meaning of christmas

A man named Kamran hated Christmas so much, he wished Christ was never born! He was the boss of a company named the Kamran Gameland and he got paid £2,000000 a year! The employers got paid £100,000 every year. He never let them have a day off at Christmas so they weren’t allowed to see their families at Christmas time, so they would celebrate the day before. Kamran Gameland is basically a casino that’s why Kamran earns so much money, he earns the money when someone loses all their money and they give Kamran the money. Hopefully he finds THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!


“Darn, its nearly Christmas!” Kamran said to his employers . “We need to  ban families at the casino, because I hate to see families at my casino!” He roared to his employers. Everyone felt sad because if they couldn’t go home to celebrate Christmas, they could take their families to the casino.

“Excuse me sir, may we please have a day off at Christmas?” He said mumbling to his angary.  “How dare you ask such an ignorant question to your boss! Now  scram, Michal!” He screamed nearly breaking his voice. ” Yes sir.” Everyone got annoyed about this no family thing (not including Kamran)

” You no what? I  quit!” Jake said and chucked his employer’s  hat on the ground and ran off. Everybody stops working. Kamran was surprised, everyone loved their jobs, they got paid so much money. Kamran was so unhappy. He shut down the place. Everyone talks about what Kamran did. Now Kamran hides in his secret house. Hiding in the shadows.


Kamran felt a bit happy today… It was his birthday! Kamran didn’t really care because nobody celebrated his birthday. Moments later he heard a knock on his door, “Who is it!” While opening the door all his employees  were there. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” They all shouted to Kamran, while passing presents to him. He said “After all I’m done to you guys, but you still celebrate my birthday? ” He happily said. “Of course! Ben explain his. Your are still our boss!” While saying that wishing he would be hired. Kamran re-hired everyone. He  gave Harry a promotion as co-boss. They all had a party at Kamran’s house. Kamran thought it was the best party in his life.


Kamran still hated Christmas, but not that much anymore. He’s always the earliest for work since he’s the boss but he was really nice to his employees  this time, he gave them extra break and gave them extra money to buy more stuff but he never gave a single penny to anyone. He told them that they can have a day off on any holiday. The employees  were  so happy they were thanking him and he got in the newspaper! After seeing this, Kamran liked being a good guy, for once he knew what it felt like to have fame. He even changed his name from Killer Kamran to Positive Philip and that made him a star.


He went to bed straight after work because he was tired, he heard a strange sound coming from downstairs, so he went down to se what it was but there was nothing there and he thought “That’s odd.” he looked behind and saw a strange white figure, it walked up to him without showing its  face and screamed “PHILIP, YOU HAVE NOT SHOWN ME THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!” And that made him faint…


Philip felt a strange sound again, he was scared it was the ghost and begged that it won’t do that again and it suddenly appeared saying “Hello, Philip, are you ok?” Smiling knowing who it was. Philip still hates Christmas but why? Because he’s wife died on Christmas, he loved his wife so much, that’s why he’s depressed. But the phantom knows how to make him better “I know why you deep inside feel depressed.”

“No! You don’t!” He said thinking that he doesn’t know “Your wife died.” Said the phantom giggling because he thought he didn’t know. “I can make you forget about that and you won’t be depressed, I know you are  a good man.” Philip was 50/50 with the idea. The phantom was sent by God but Philip doesn’t know that. He deals and forgets about his wife, Delara.


Philip is so happy, he’s got a load full of presents. He sees lots of families and says to everyone he sees. “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” He even gave to the poor went to church, sang carols to people and thought he was having the time of his life. All the employers got a gift from Philip, they were all happy. They all got £2000 each and casino money so they can play games in the casino and a letter that read

Dear employees

I know I used to be mean to all of you but I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I have changed a lot [well I think so]. Next time you come to the casino, I’ll be extra nice!

FROM YOUR BOSS PHILIP. P.S. I gave you some presents.

Philip knew that Christmas isn’t just about that, its when Jesus was born so Philip read a prayer to God and celebrated his birthday. And from this day on, Philip loved Christmas. He managed to find out THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is a special time when Jesus was born. We would go to church to sing to him and stay with our families.

QUESTIONS [You can go back for help.]

What was Philip’s original name?

What day is Christmas on?

What was the Casino called that Philip owned?

How much money would Philip get paid a year?

How much money do the employers get paid a year?

Was the phantom sent by the devil?



2.25 December

3.Kamran’s game land



6.No, he was sent by God

Thanks for reading my Christmas story! Hope you enjoyed it. Do you think he found out the meaning of Christmas? Do you think it was a happy ending? Why not tell me in the comments! Will you ever be how Kamran was at the start? This story is kind of based on Scrooge, because he hates Christmas at the start and then he becomes a good man. But this is my idea, so yeah! I hope Philip has a good life and gets a new wife!


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    I enjoyed your story. Looking forward to your next article.

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  4. I enjoyed your story can’t wait for your next articles. Well done.

  5. I think Philip did find the meaning of Christmas.
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