The Mix-up between two worlds… By Martha Davies

The mix-up between two worlds …

Today was an ordinary day for Martha and her brother Thomas, a school day to be precise. They had got changed into their uniform and got washed and ready for the new day to come. Eventually, they reached their school, Martha started chit chatting away with her friends whilst Thomas played tag with his, but still, as always, looking out for each other. Everything was going well until Thomas tripped and grazed his knee. So, his mature sister rushed over to him, then hesitated as she had noticed something weird about the stones on the floor surrounding them.

The ground was concrete and all the pebbles were symmetrical all apart from one. This ‘one’ stone, in particular, was neon pink with a tinge of green at the bottom. Curiously, the young lady crept over to it, not noticing anything that was going on around her. Her hand moved forward and then she picked it up…

Suddenly, as if by magic Martha had disappeared into thin air. All of this had happened in a split second. Where she had gone too? Nobody knew, only the creatures that lived there did…

“What … huh … where am I?” she stuttered as she gazed around.

“Pink pigs with wings? Dogs mewing? Cats barking? Unicorns? Even fire Breathing dragons! Ahhhh!” Martha screamed whilst wondering where she was.

In the distance she noticed these peculiar little people gathering glowing, golden stars from a luminous, rainbow river. They had large elephant-sized ears, dazzling purple eyes, a rather pointy nose and wore knee-high boots. Martha decided she should ask them where she was and sauntered over to them.

“Ermm… Excuse me, where am I?” She questioned as she gazed around herself in a puzzled manner.

“Greetings strange thing you are in the great village of Medoroland! My name is Gabby!”

Martha replied in a grateful way “Thanks for telling me but I do have a little problem. My brother, Thomas, has grazed his knee and  I also  have got to get back to school back at my home on planet Earth. I am already missing my mum, missing my brother and missing all of my school friends.”

Martha then looked down at her hands and realised that she was still holding the neon pink rock. So, she decided to show Gabby as it could have something to do with her situation. Gabby gasped in disbelief and showed Martha a normal looking, bland pebble that she had in her jacket pocket. They both then stared at each other blinking slowly and you could tell they were both thinking the same thing. At that moment the pair swapped stones and then Martha slowly faded away. The world around her was spinning then in the blink of an eye she was back at school with Thomas and all of her other school friends. Martha hugged Thomas since she missed him so much.  She was safe at last, safe and sound.

By Martha Davies

Attention: This article is my 500 words story competition. Please also check out mine and Thomas Devlin’s series names Do Not touch. It has three parts to the story so far anyways bye!!

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Martha Davies
Hello everybody my name is Martha D I am 10 years of age and love Fab Mag! My Best friend at Fab Mag is Thomas and Afsana ! Anyways hope you enjoy my articles, oh and also check out a story series named the Ghost Awakens! Bye!

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    Wow! Another great article Martha Davies.Well done!

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