The Planets


Mercury takes 59 days to make a rotation but only 88 days to circle the Sun. That means that there are fewer than 2 days in a year!Many astronomers believe that Mercury might be the core of what was once a much larger planet . it appears to be a huge ball of iron covered by a thin layer of rock.Mercury is the closest planet towards the sun.



Venus is the brightest planet in our sky and can sometimes be seen with the naked eye if you know where to look. It is the solar system’s brightest planet ,yellow clouds of sulfuric acid reflect the sun’s light.Venus is the second closest to the sun.

earth facts


Earth has more exposed water than land. Three quarters of the Earth is covered by water!Earth is where you and I live.Earth is the third planet closest to the sun.

mars facts


Mars is the home of “Olympus Mons”, the largest volcano found in the solar system.  It stands about 27 kilometers high with a crater 81 kilometers wide.Mars is the fourth planet closest to the earth.


NASA - Hubble Telescope photo of Ceres


Between Mars and Jupiter, is a Dwarf Planet known as Ceres.  It was discovered in 1801.  It is the smallest dwarf planet discovered in our universe (so far) and is the only one found in the asteroid belt.

jupiter facts


Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, but it spins very quickly on its axis.  A day on Jupiter lasts only 9 hours and 55 minutes.  Ack, I get dizzy just thinking about it!

Jupiter is so big that you could fit all the other planets in the solar system inside it. The red spot of Jupiter is the biggest, most violent storm in the known universe – that spot is at least three times the size of earth!

saturn facts


Saturn is the second biggest planet, but it’s also the lightest planet.  If there was a bathtub big enough to hold Saturn, it would float in the water!  Saturn’s rings are as wide as 22 planet earths all in a row but are only 30 feet thick!


uranus facts


Uranus’ axis is at a 97 degree angle, meaning that it orbits lying on its side!Uranus has the second most complex set of rings in our solar system (Saturn has the most defined rings).

neptune facts


Neptune was discovered in 1846.  In 2011 it finally made it’s first lap around the sun since we discovered it because one Neptune year lasts 165 Earth years!Like Jupiter, Neptune has a dark spot caused by a storm.  Neptune’s spot is smaller than Jupiter’s — it is only about the size of the planet earth.




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