The Poem Of Life

This is the poem of… LIFE!!
Life is a rollercoaster of emotion
Heaven is like the final promotion.
But don’t get me wrong, there is a hell
But if it’s real, it’s hard to tell.
Devil or angel, who knows what you are
But there is life, let’s not go too far.
This poem has that meaning
It won’t be as bad as it’s seaming.
Forget worries and strife
And listen to.. The Poem Of Life!
When you’re born, you’re a baby
You’re angelic…sometimes…maybe?
But you do grow
Into a toddler you go.
Improving your walk
Learning to talk.
Growing doesn’t seem fast
But you’re a child at last.
First day of school
It was sort of cool.
But you were really shy
And have no idea why.
You’re missing your mum
Thinking when will she come?
You’re getting older, you’re now in high school
You’ll make some friends, don’t want to look a fool.
Year 7,8,9 and ten
Let’s go through life again.
• Born
• Toddler
• Kid
• School
• Big school
• Teen
Now whilst this is happening, you’re getting older
So how old are you now?
You’re a farmer with a cow!
You have 2 children, one boy, one girl
First is Johnny, next is Pearl.
You’ll soon be the prime minister, just wait
You promise yourself, that it’s your fate.
But on your birthday, something much better
You became king, all because of a letter.
You’re now triumphant in your reign
Pain and ache has been slain.
But soon you must die
I tell the truth, it’s not a lie.
It’s your 104th birthday,
The 17th of may.
On the 19th, you go to heaven
Your friends are sad, all 11.
Now, who knows were you good or bad
But please don’t get too sad.
Because you are alive, reading this now
You’re completely ok“
So forget all worries and strife
And just remember… The Poem Of Life!

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  1. J McGuinness | Apr 19, 2018 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    Wow!! Great poem Harriet.

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