The School Vampires part 1

This is my own vampire story I have made up. There will be a continued part every two weeks, hope you enjoy it! WARNING: this contains squeamish content!

The School Vampires!

There once was three vampire children, Clara, Stella and Livia. Out of all of them, Clara was the leader of the friends and they all followed her after what happened to her last friends… Anyway their mothers wanted them to make new friends, human friends, so they sent them to St.Josephs school. When they arrived a cold rush of air came flowing in, everyone was terrified of them but one, her name, Olivia.

“Sit here, sit here!” shouted Olivia.

The teacher glared at her”You girls sit where you want,” politely mentioned the teacher “my name is Mr Kaberry. What are yours?” The girls looked at each other and went up to the board to write there names. Suddenly there was a massive screeching sound from the blackboard. Their names appeared in the blood of Clara’s victims. Her old friends. There was silence in the classroom and some shocked faces around too. “Alright… Clara, Stella and Livia… welcome to the class… everyone will look after you girls here,” muttered Mr Kaberry.

After every lesson, Olivia wanted to sit with the girls when everyone wanted to back away from them. There was three more lessons to go but it felt like 1000 left. Eventually lunch came creeping around the corner, in the canteen. Fortunately there were still three more seats left for the girls. Clara sat alone because her friends wanted to sit with Olivia. “Why is Clara like that?” asked Olivia. “Well she had some other friends called Faith and Fane, who were twins. They betrayed Clara and… she killed them by sucking their blood while they were sleeping, she dragged there lifeless bodies to a werewolf cave and the werewolves ripped their young bodies limb from limb. Clara said she still holds the diary’s of them now to warn us of what she can do.” The two girls horrifically told their tale.  Everyone that heard what they had said and with shock went immediately out to play.

Part two out 5th February 2016.

7 Comments on "The School Vampires part 1"

  1. This is amazing!!!!!!
    I really like it.

  2. can’t wait to see part 2!:)

  3. LOVE THIS, Cara!!! 😉

  4. J McGuinness | Feb 25, 2016 at 7:00 pm | Reply

    Can’t wait for the next part!

  5. AMAZING!!!!! like the story, very spooky I can’t wait to read part 2!!!

  6. I like how you puted puncharation and a vampire in.Are you going to make a part 2?

  7. Grace Mulderrig | Mar 19, 2018 at 12:24 pm | Reply

    I’m really excited for part two!(:

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