The Seven Wonders of the World

imageThe seven wonders of the world are the most incredible buildings in the world. Most of them were built by people who lived a long time ago. Many of them were given as a present of peace,love,justice etc . My favourite wonder is the seventh wonder . When I look at this wonder I feel as this wonder is the most strangest wonder. The seven wonders are:

  • 1st wonder-Chichen Itza,Mexico
  • 2nd wonder-Christ the Redeemer,Brazil
  • 3rd wonder-The Great Wall,China
  • 4th wonder-Maachu Pichu,Peru
  • 5th wonder-Petra,River Jordan
  • 6th wonder-The Roman Colluseum,Italy
  • 7th wonder- Taj Mahal,India

The first wonder is famous because it was built by the Itsuitsi people.

The second wonder is famous because it was a sign of belief.

The third wonder is famous because it stood for many years and was made with mud, stone ,and ,wood.

The fourth wonder is famous because it was found a long time ago.

The fifth wonder is famous because it was a temple

The sixth wonder is famous because it was made by the Romans.

The seventh wonder is famous because it has no shadow.






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