The Solar System

I have written an article about the solar system because I have been learning it in my class with my teacher.



  • The sun is a  star in the centre of the solar system.
  • Light from the sun reaches the earth in around eight minutes.
  • A solar eclipse occurs when the moon is between the sun and the earth.Mercury


  •  Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system.
  • Seen from earth, it appears to move around its orbiting about 116 days.
  • Mercury is named after the roman god Mercury (the messenger god).


  •  Venus is the second planet to the sun.
  • This planet is the hottest planet from the sun.
  • It has no natural satellite.


  • Earth is the third planet from the sun.
  • Earth is the planet we live on.
  • 2 thirds  of the worlds surface is water.


  • Mars Is known to be called the red planet
  • Mars is the fourth planet from the sun
  • Mars is names after the roman god of war.


  • Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun.
  • Jupiter is the biggest planet of them all in this solar system.
  • The big red spot is actually a storm.


  • Saturn is the 6 planet from the sun.
  • This planet is a gas planet
  • Saturn has rings


  • It was discovered by William Herschel on march 13th 1781.
  • Uranus is the only planet  who name was derived from a figure in greek mythology.
  • Uranus has a ring to.]


  • Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun.
  • It is named after the roman god of the sea.
  • It was first seen in1846 at Berlin.

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  1. Martha Davies | Jun 10, 2017 at 1:35 pm | Reply

    I learnt so much about space and the atmosphere you definitely deserved to be in fab mag as your work is just splendid and interesting to read! 😀

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