The Suitcase Kid

The Suitcase Kid is a children’s book written by Jacqueline Wilson and is illustrated by Nick Sharratt. The anchor of this book is how a little girl is focused on her parent’s harsh divorce. I feel so bad for the girl, as she has to cope with her parent’s divorce and she has to go to her mum’s house one week and her dad’s the next week.


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The story is about a little girl who is caught in her parent’s divorce and has a little mascot called Radish who was with her throughout the divorce. Andy wishes that her parents would get back together and they could go back to the old house that they called Mulberry Cottage. My favorite part was when Andy (Andrea) went in the middle of the night to find Radish because of she accidentally dropped Radish down a Rabbit hole in a Garden of a Cottage she would like to go to clear her mind of things. She was determined that her parents would get back together but they never did. So she finally moved on like her parents did.

I would really recommend this book as it is one of my favorites and I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.





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