The Tribe of Jorvik Part 1


 Chapter 1 The Beginning Of Time

For centuries has surrounded the Island of Jorvik. Legend says Jorvik was once nothing more than desolate rock in the cold dark sea. Until one magnturies mystical and stormy night a star struck down as a girl on horseback sprang forth from the fading flames. She rode gracefully across the stormy water leaving calm and stillness in her wake, carrying with her a light and a golden harp.

Image result for star stable horsesThe young girl and her horse reached the bleak and lifeless shores and she cast down her light in the very center of the island. Waves of life began to surge across the island and all that was once cold and dark was brought to life through warmth and light. Legend has it that the horses of Jorvik share a special bond with the islanders. Since the beginning of time in secret the mythical Keepers of Aideen fight to keep the darkness and protect Jorvik from those who want to destroy its light. In times of despair, a sisterhood of soul riders will ride forth to protect the Island from the evil that seeks to rip the world apart. It is foretold that a sisterhood led by a heroic and fearless girl on her horse back to bring hope and light back to those who believe all is lost. Only one girl can do it her name is Mandy, Mandy Raven Mountain.

Chapter 2 The Quest

Mandy woke up startled by the soft singing of birds on the tree tops and her  5 year old dog Max a Yorkshire terrier padding his small smooth paws on Mandy’s face. she giggled and sat up stretched her arms, ” Today’s another day lets make it count” Mandy said rubbing Max’s’ head close to her body she carried him down the creaky stairs and made him run outside on the lush green grass. Once she had finished her soft boiled egg she zipped up her woolly fleece and went outside to the paddocks skipping along a graveled path which made a crunching noise as she walked on it.

Image result for white stallionFirstly she needed greeted James the keeper of True Well Stables ” Hi you must be Mandy! I’m James pleased to meet you. Me and my Farther Thomas run these stables aren’t they just fantastic. Right now things are a bit hectic, a nasty boss from Aideen Mr. Kembell is doing everything he can to evict us and tear us down to bring eternal darkness! We’re still trying to figure out what we can do to stop them but he is more slippery than an eel . Please Mandy try as hard as you can to stop him it will mean so much to us.” Mandy nodded in agreement she knew how much James and Thomas cared for the stables so decided to give it a go. Then she silently walked off keeping what he said in mind. Now she needs to check on Bepper, a white Stallion with her grey mane flicked over onto the left hand side. As she reached the stable she saw all the residents of Jorvik on horse back and buying clothing from market stalls she wondered if they had any idea about the keepers of Aideen she was almost positive that they new at least one thing about them or did they ?…

Chapter 3 The Tribe of Jorvik Commences

As she went into Bepper’s old wooden stable she grabbed out a bristle brush and started gently combing Bepper. She neighed in delight and playfully nudged Mandy as if she wanted to eat. Mandy giggled and placed down a box full of horse lick which has so many nutritions in it that Bepper almost cleared out the whole thing. Next Mandy knew she must be thirsty so walked up to a stone well, grabbed a crimson bucket and scooped up some fresh clean water then gave it to Bepper she licked Mandy in delight and chewed on Mandy’s long brown hair.

Mandy then walked off still thinking of the quest she is going to have to do so she decided it would be very difficult if she did the quest by herself, so she wondered if she could make a tribe with her friends. But she needed to ask her friends first if it was ok. So she decided to go to Seri first as she was a part time zoologist and had long black hair which blew in the wind. Luckily she agreed so that would give Mandy a lot of help studying and research. Next Mandy went to Lilly who cleans out the paddocks. She agreed to help which is great news. Last but not least Mandy needed Lucy a teenager aged 18 with short silky hair. Finally Mandy had gathered up all her friends now she needed help from 3 brave dogs. Max a Yorkshire terrier, Lilly a husky and Tate the leader of the pack also a Husky who loves fishing. Now Mandy was ready, ready to save her kingdom, there is no messing, this is the tribe of Jorvik.

To be continued …


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