The written Torture

It was Jack’s birthday tomorrow. His whole family was coming over. “Time to make room in my sock drawer,” he sighed. “Or, all of them.” Jack’s family was plain and simple. Except for his Auntie Sally. Some people said there were legends about her. Like, ‘She’s a witch. She’s magic. She’s from a different planet. She has a very interesting past’. And names like ‘Old Sal and Mad Sal and Sally the Witch’.
But to Jack she was ‘Auntie Sally’. Aunt Sally always bought him a weird and exciting gift. Last year it was a jetpack run from Slushy. The year before was a magic set that turned him invisible; and they both worked.
“What is it this year Mum?” Jack asked Kate. Kate shook her head, “I don’t know, but Auntie Sally can’t come this year. She’s poorly. She said she’ll try send it to us in a package though. But cheer up! We’ll call her!”
Jack was shocked. Aunt Sally couldn’t make it?! She had never missed a birthday in her life. Jack took a phone and called his Auntie.
“Hello?” Said Jack
“Ah Hello!” Sally Replied
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh nothing!”
“You’ve never missed a birthday before Auntie! Tell me what’s wrong!”
“I’m just a bit sick. Didn’t want to pass it onto you!”
“But can you-?”
“Yes I’ve got you a present! I’m going to send it to you!” She coughed.
“Are you ok?”
“Yes but I better go! Bye!”
“Goodb- wait! What do I do with,“ Aunt Sally ended the call.
Jack woke up. “ITS MY BIRTHDAY!” He sprung out of bed and ran to the living room. “Where’s Auntie’s?”
Kate ruffled his hair “Excited, aren’t you? Sally’s present isn’t here yet. Besides, pancakes for breakfast.”
“Dad! Are you going to work?” asked Jack nervously.
John laughed “On your birthday? Never!”
Kate laughed “You did last year!”
Jack giggled.
“I saw Jack fly over my office with slushy squirting out from his jetpack!” They all laughed. “Ok then. Not this year Jack!”
‘Ding dong.’ “I’ll get it,” said John, getting up from his seat. Jack rushed Kate into the living room. “Yours.. aha! You got me a..?” Kate gave him the gift. “A cooking book! I know you love to bake!”
Jack was happy. He really did love to bake. “Thanks! Dad..aha! A camera! Cool!” Jack opened all his presents. The rest were mostly clothes and socks.
“Look at this Jack!” John walked in carrying a small book. “Auntie’s present! The best one of them all! It has a letter. It says- Write in what you want Jack! Have a happy Birthday! Auntie Sally. Go on, open it!” Jack took the book.
“A diary! Can I have a pen please! I bet whatever I write in it will come true!” Jack was very excited. He thought of something to put in. ‘You to be here’. Nothing happened. “W..what?” Jack felt trembly. “Try an object” Suggested John. Jack wrote down ‘DVD’. Nothing. Jack burst into tears, snatched a phone and ran to his room. He didn’t dare call Aunt Sally. She couldn’t hear or see him like this. He texted her.
‘Hello? Auntie?’ Jack sent.
‘Hello again Jack’ Came a reply.
‘Your present doesn’t work…’
‘Nonsense! Have I ever given you a bad present? No! Now just you wait until you’re in bed!’
‘Ok thankyou bye.’
Jack breathed in. Another tear trickled down his cheek. “Nothing’ll happen.” He put on some new socks. They were too itchy. “COME ON JACK! LUNCH TIME!” Jack rushed downstairs, feeling hungry and sad. As he ate, he started to taste salt. His tears were soaking into his food. “I’m not hungry anymore.” Jack groaned and pushed his plate away. When Jack had gone, John and Kate smiled at each other “What has Sally done this time?” John laughed. Kate shrugged “I’ll go see him.”
Jack looked up. “Hello Jack. What’s wrong? More food?” Kate pushed a bowl of spaghetti into his arms. “NOT HUNGRY!” Jack stormed out of his room and went outside. He sat on the trampoline until dark and Kate called him in.
That night, Jack lay in bed, starving and upset. A green powder appeared in his bedroom. BANG! There she was, Auntie Sally. Standing right next to Jack in his bed. Jack jumped up. “AUNTIE!” He hugged her tight. She brushed his hair with her fingers, “What a nice first wish!” She coughed.
BANG! A DVD appeared. Jack grabbed his book. “What are you doing?” Asked Sally. Jack wrote down ‘Auntie to be better’. He showed her. “Thank-…“ Cough. Jack crossed his fingers. “I- I feel much better Jack!” BANG! She disappeared. Jack’s head buzzed with ideas. ‘Sam (His cousin who he didn’t like) got really really sick but it isn’t contagious and he has to go to school’ No. That’s a bit mean, he rubbed it out. But then again, he hated Sam. He was spoiled and wasn’t very nice to Jack. He wrote down some things bad about Sam and made them into wishes. ‘He’s spoiled. = He runs almost out of money. He’s mean = He can’t talk for a week.’ “That should teach him”. After some wishes, Jack went back to sleep. Sam was coming over tomorrow.
Sam arrived. “Sorry we’re late. Sam wanted to go to a toyshop so we spent ages looking for his money. Turns out he only had 5p. He said he had over £100,” Auntie Catherine explained.
“Too bad,” Jack smiled.
“Well, hello Sam!” Sam didn’t reply. Kate bent down.
“He woke up and couldn’t talk. Really mysterious!” Cath talked on. ”Poor thing.”
Jack laughed, then ran away. He grabbed his book and wrote down. ‘Sam feels sick’. He rushed back to the kitchen where Auntie Catherine, Sam, Kate and John were. Sam took a small whiteboard out of his bag. ‘I don’t feel well he wrote’. This was going well for Jack. But wait- why was it working in daytime? Jack didn’t care.
In the next few months, Sam had been sick, fallen in a cold river, been told off at school over ten times and much more. Kate and John had forgotten about the book, because Jack had written in it that they would.
The next day, he decided to take his book to school. Sam was in for more trouble. When they were sat in class, Jack got his book out. ‘Sam gets really told off’ he wrote. Danny, Sam’s best friend snatched the book from him. “Look at this Sam!” He handed the book over to his friend.
“Jack? Why? That’s why all these things have been happening to me!” He raised his hand.
“Yes Sam?” asked Mr. Dunstable.
Sam smiled evilly at his cousin “It’s Jack, Sir…”
Jack got home. Luckily, Sam hadn’t come with him. Without saying hello, he ran up to his bedroom. He locked the door and sat there. He could see out into his neighbour’s garden. They were having a bonfire. He looked at his book, ”What did I do?” He opened his window and climbed out onto a tree. He dropped the book on the ground then got down himself. He rushed into the neighbour’s garden. It was his friend, Drake’s. “Hey Drake. I need to burn this book.” Drake looked very confused. He was a bit older than Jack and always helped him. “Why Jack?” Jack sighed “I’ve been bad, ok? Now can I burn it?” Drake nodded. “I’ll go inside.”
Jack was left alone with the fire and his book. He threw it into the fire. Giant flames of heat burst into the air. Green lines of cloud zoomed through the sky “The wishes..” he mumbled. Many shot towards Sam’s house. Some to a store. And one to Auntie Sally’s. “No!” He didn’t want her to be sick again. He grabbed the line of green in his hand and squeezed it tight. All that was left in his fingers were ashes. Still, spurts of shining green silver rose into the air. Jack knew what he had done was right. As Drake came out, the fire faded and everything was silent. Jack didn’t say anything, he rushed to Sam’s house. “Hi Auntie Catherine! Here to see Sam! Thanks!” He shot into Sam’s room. Sam was stood there. Green lines of clouds sinking into him one by one. He captured Jack in the corner of his eye and smiled at him. Green smoke filled the air. “I’m really sorry!” Jack meant it.
“No I am!” said Sam, “I was never really nice to you. Friends?” He reached out his hand. “Friends!” Jack shook it. Then, Jack sped down to Auntie Sally’s house. Nothing circled her. He hugged her. “I don’t need your book,” he whispered softly. “I am sorry for saying mean things about people.” Sally smiled. She let go of his hug. “I know. Just don’t do it again.”
“I promise,” he said.
So Jack had learned his lesson.

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    Good article Harriet.

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