Things to do in the summer holiday.

Going swimming.

There are many places around Yorkshire to go swimming indoor and outdoor such as: Ilkley Lido, Sandcastle water park at Blackpool, Keighley Leisure centre, Shipley swimming baths and many more.

Playing sports.

Lots of parks and leisure centres have a place where you can play a sport. Myrtle Park in Bingley has a tennis court and a skatepark, Lund park has a skatepark and some football goal posts and leisure centres have places for virtually any sport you like!

Go to the cinema.

If it is rainy, you probably won’t be spending a lot of time outside, so the cinema is the perfect place to go. You can see any new film that you would like to and you can have popcorn or sweets.

(If its rainy) watch a film.

Finally, something anyone can do is kick back on the sofa and watch a nice film at home! It doesn’t cost a thing!

I hope you enjoyed my article!


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  1. Some great ideas Oliver. I bet you’re looking forward to the summer holiday.

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