Things to do when bored.

  1. Play something you like, like a card game or board game.
  2. Play a computer game on a ds, ps4, nintendo switch, phone or x box or any computer you have.
  3. Play outside with your friends.
  4. Try and play with your parents if they have time to play with you.
  5. Invite friends or family over to play.
  6. Try to book a day out to go to a swimming centre.
  7. Go to a restaurant with family and friends.
  8. I like to go do assault courses with my friends.
  9. Some people like to do pamper day.
  10. Some people like lazy film days.
  11. Go to the cinema.
  12. Go on bike rides or long walks.
  13. Go to a funfair with friends or family.
  14. Bake with friends and family.

Do any of these or anything you like to do from the smallest things to the biggest things and even the most difficult things but whatever you do have fun.

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