Tigers are one of the most remarkable, beautiful creatures in the cat family. They are usually found in countries such as Thailand, India and Indonesia. To find one of these spectacular creatures you need to look in habitats such as swamps, grasslands, savannas and occasionally rain forests. They are very violent creatures in the jungle, they also fascinate people all around the world, which means they are very popular creatures throughout the nation. Read on to find out more!


Tigers are one of the most scariest, dangerous  predators in the jungle. Did you know that tigers have black, white and orange fur to help them camouflage in the jungle? They also have razor sharp teeth to eat their prey between them and their family. Interestingly, they can grow up to 10 ft long, they are also one of the largest animals in the jungle. Mostly, tigers weigh around 150 kg their weight can increase up to 300 kg if they belong to a Siberian tiger family.

Their prey

Tigers are very deadly when it comes to their prey. As tigers are carnivores, they eat other animals such as deer, wild pigs, water buffalo’s or antelopes. They are also known to hunt sloths, dogs and leopards. They usually eat larger animals to gain energy. Old and injured – hurt –  tigers are known to attack humans and cattle ( cows ) because they are easier to attack and kill.


Tigers are well known to be very fierce in the their natural habitat. Did you know that tigers mostly kill their prey in the night -nocturnal- so they can kill things without being seen? They also have very good strength and use it wisely to attack their prey. Scientists have discovered that tigers can swim and also use their big tremendous claws to help them. They also kill animals such as crocodiles in water and other animals in the same habitat.


If you ever see a tiger be very cautious and do not make any sudden movements towards it. However, the population of tigers are decreasing by the day and also estimated at 3,200. Let’s hope that in the future people in our world protect and care for these amazing creatures.

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