Time Traveling

Time Traveling

It was a normal day today, everything was normal, nothing interesting ………HOLD ON!   Inside my house there is my unusual family. Guess what, we have a time machine. Yes, I know you can’t believe it. Well, today as  I went inside the old steel door creaked open. I took a step inside and it felt like it had been ages since I’ve been inside it. Where shall I go today I wondered. Then it came into my head one of my greatest wishes is going to be true. I pushed the red button and off went the time machine, it was like an earthquake. CRASH!

I have finally landed in the time of the…..DINOSAURS.  I looked out of the window and saw my favorite dinosaur  the T REX .Slowly I stepped out trying not to be seen. The T REX saw me. As quick as a flash I  ran away before the T REX caught up. I came near some big rocks so I hid behind it. Then I saw the most beautiful image my eye has ever seen before. I saw pterodactyls fly around in the sky, all different colors.  One thing I didn’t know was the one of the pterodactyls  had an eye on me. It took action, it came down grabbed me by the collar and lifted me up into the sky. I felt like a ball being passed on to other dinosaurs. I wriggled about and the pterodactyl dropped me into the water. SPLASH! Luckily I could swim so I swam to land.

I was really exhausted so I used my spy techniques to go back to my time machine. I opened the door and I pressed the red button. The earth shook. The next thing I felt was stillness. I’m not sure what happened but I think I fell asleep.

Now I’m back home and everything looks the same and I feel the same. Mm…. I smell fish-fingers. Quickly I dashed down the stairs and gulped tea down. Finally it’s bed time, I snuggled  up in my bed wearing my new pajamas and I fell asleep. Next time is another adventure.


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