Top 10 Soft Drinks!

Here is my opinion on top 10 soft drinks. What is yours?

10. Flavoured Water(apple)- A soothing apple flavoured water.

9.  Lilt- A tropical pineapple and grapefruit drink.

8.  Diet Coke- A fizzy no added sugar drink.

7.  Rubicon Mango- A soothing mango drink which is sure to have if you are in a bad mood!

6.  Capri-Sun(tropical)- A fantastic drink which is sure to have if you are bored!

5. 7up- A lemon and limey lemonade.

4.  Sprite- A great lemonade drink.

3.  Tango Apple-  A marvellous apple drink.

2.  Fruit Shoot(strawberry)- A soothing strawberry drink.

1.  Fanta- A fizzy drink which I highly recommend.


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  1. These are some tasty drinks. Defiantly some of my favorites.

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