Treasures of Tuscany!

Pizza, pasta, ice-cream and amazing places to visit. These are just some of the few things that you can do in Tuscany! Tuscany is a large part of Italy that has lots of towers to go up, churches to see, art galleries to look around and cathedrals to explore. I have recently been here myself and I thought that I would share some facts with all of you in hope that you will go some day to enjoy it yourself! Here are my Treasures of Tuscany!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa:

This is probably the most famous of all places in Tuscany. It is very famous as it leans to one side. This is because it was built on sandy soil and it looks like it could fall at any minute. It was built in 1173- 1372. While I climbed I felt like I was in space because I wasn’t stood up straight. When you are walking up, it feels like you are walking down. It is quite strange.










Florence is the biggest city in Tuscany. Florence was the location where the Italian Renaissance began. The Renaissance when all the famous artists made all their famous statues and paintings. e.g. David by Michelangelo. There were lots of other amazing artists too but the most famous of all was born nearby – Leonardo DaVinci. Florence also has  amazing bridges, very interesting museums and best of all – ICE-CREAM!!

Ponte Vecchio


In Siena there are lots of streets and alleys, with many winding towers. The most popular place in Siena is the Piazza del Campo. It is famous because 2 times a year  all the 9 districts of Siena come together and have a horse race. Each district has a animal from a snail to a unicorn to represent that district. The Torre del Mangia placed outside of the Piazza del Campo and is the second highest tower in Italy. The view from the top is amazing because you can see all of Siena’s red roofs. The most famous person from this town is St Catherine of Siena (1347 -1480).













San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a beautiful, medieval  town defended by many tall  towers. Only 14 of the original 76 towers have survived.  Tony Blair (a Prime Minister of England)  has been here and eaten  the ice- cream. This small town is very popular with tourists because of its ancient buildings, but especially for its world famous ICE-CREAM!!


San Gimignano












I hope you will be able to taste the treasures of Tuscany and remember them all your life!


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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Hello Thomas hope you enjoyed your stay there. By the way icecream is so DELICIOUS!!

  3. Why hello Thomas really good piece of writing and by the way love ICE CREAM

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