Trip change from London to Edinburgh >:(

I was so happy that in year 5 we go to London and the time finally came when.


Great, just great and now because of that most of the class drop out. We were still going on a trip but the government said it had to be Edinburgh <:). This is where I got as mad as a bull in a ring fight. Although this made me angry I still wanted to go because I’ve never missed a school trip. So… I went.

About this, it was a last minute thing so it was a lot to take in (as you might think). But just because it changed  it sounded good. What I mean is Mr Booth told us,”This a great thing because, you will be the only year five to go to Edinburgh”

Yaaayyy!!!!! We are the only ones in OLV to go to Edinburgh (even though I think London would be much better).I just realised something it will take forever to get there. Meehh forget that I’ll just get some books to read, the real problem is we have to walk even further. :0

Well hope you enjoyed my little comment on this                                       decision for the trip

Any way if you have any ideas of what I could do on my next article comment down below.;)

see ya!!!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time despite the switch

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