Tuesday news paper report

                     Who let the frogs out ribit ribit ribit!

            by media correspondent Amy

Last night in  the quiet  town of Keighley,

mysterious flying objects had been

witnessed floating in and out of the local houses.

We interviewed two residents of our town to get

their thoughts.

David Downwood recalled “I was closing my bedroom

curtain when I saw some ,what seemed to be frogs, flying

in the night sky. At first I thought I where seeing

things so I took  a second glance and it really was frogs.

I was so mortified a tear rolled down my cheek and I nearly

collapsed. I rang the police but they didn’t seem to care they

must of thought I was mad seen as I was the first person to

inform them.”

Mrs Millgrove also told us that she fell asleep watching Strictly

Come Dancing on BBC1 and when she woke up the TV was on,

Dancing On Ice on ITV. I was so confused I nearly had a heart attack.

if you have any information please contact www.keighleynews.co.uk

or if you are concerned speak to the police.


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