What we play outside.

Hello,  today I am showing you different things we play in our days outside. So lets get started!

1.We always build a den, for some shade in the summer because it is very sunny outside.
2. Play tig because in the winter time you need to get warm, so we play tig to warm us up.
3. In Autumn we always play catch the leaves, which is very fun. This is ideal if you have or live around leafy trees.
4. Make obstacle 6. Delivo which is game which is best played with a group of friends and can be played in any weather.
7. Hide and seek is a good game to play if there are plenty of places to hide.

My favourite games are delivo and den making because I like running around and playing role play games in the den.
What is your favourite game to play? Playing games in a group helps team building skills.
Did you engoy these games?Thank you for listening to my article.So I hope you enjoyed these games ideas and I hope you try one out
you enjoyed these game ideal and I hope you would try one!! Bye now!

5 Comments on "What we play outside."

  1. I love building dens. Some great suggestions Leyla-Mae.

  2. J McGuinness | Apr 26, 2018 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    I love building dens too. Do you like board games? I like playing scrabble, cluedo and mancala.

  3. Summer is always fun!

  4. I do a lot of stuff like that to! Great work!

  5. I really like playing tig sometimes. You spelled enjoy rong In the end bit, but it was really good WELL DONE!!!!

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