Whitby poem

Walk along the calm street,

The sand on the beach tickling your feet,

Icecream melting in your hand,

Playing volleyball on the sand,

Searching , searching for Whitby jet,

We haven’t found anything yet,

Walking under the whale bone arch,

What a beautiful peace of art,

Fish and chips, the best I’ve ever had,

The restaurant is always full and it’s not at all bad,

Whether rain or sun,

You’ll have a lot of fun,

Whitby Abbey stands tall,

Standing majestically above it all,

A ship replica,

It’s Captain Cook’s Endeavour,

Boats entering and leaving the harbour,

All without a fuss and no drama,

Why not read all about Dracula,

The facts and history are truly spectacular,

Take a peaceful boat ride on the sea,

What a lovely place to be,

So why not come and visit this place,

It’s even better than outer space.



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