Who Invented Telephones?

Who invented telephones: Alexander Graham Bell, Antonio Meucci. Alexander was not the first inventor to invent telephones there was also Antonio Meucci who was also inventing telephones, Antonio was a Italian immigrant. When they found out that they were both working on a similar project they made friends and decided to work together.

 Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander graham bell was born on the 3rd March 1847 : his parents were (father) Alexander Melville Belle; who was a teacher ( mother) Eliza Grace Symonds Bell. He had two brothers Edward Charles Bell and his second brother Melville James Bell. Alexander died August 2nd 1922 at the age of 75 because of a complication from his diabetes. He had 4 children, two girls and two boys. They were named Elsie bell, Marian Hubbard bell, Robert bell, Edward bell.

Story behind Mabel Gardine Hubbard ( wife)

Mabel Gardine Hubbard ,was the daughter of Boston lawyer Gardine Greene Hubbard, was the first president of the bell telephone company. As the wife of Alexander graham bell, an eminent Scientist and the inventor of the first practical telephone, she took the married name Mabel bell.

What gave him the idea to make telephones ?

Alexander graham bell patented the first practical telephone in the United States in 1876. The first public telephone services were operating within a few years. Date back to 1876, when Alexander invented the telephone and made the first wire transmission of intelligence speech.

Did Alexander have a job before he started inventing telephones?

Alexander’s mother was almost deaf, his father taught elocution to the deaf Alexander learned and became teacher of the deaf so he was doing something before inventing telephones.

When did he start working on telephones?

Alexander graham bell started working on telephones in 1876. March 7 1876,  Bell was awarded a patent  on the device, and three days later, he made a successful telephone call to his assistant, electrician Thomas Watson, who could hear Bell’s famous words transmitted through the wire :” Mr Watson, come here i want you”!

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