Wolf! (Story)

“Run!” he shouted, tripping over twigs and branches as they tried to escape the forest packed with wolves…

“Boys, breakfast is ready , said Mrs Windass. Hurry on down before they get cold.” Soon after, she left for work, leaving Peter and Ali -her two children- on their own as usual.

The boys were sick of it each day they sat at home with only each other’s company. Besides, they were only 13 yet, they couldn’t live a normal teens life. By this point, they were sick of it.

“My life is so boring” ,he moaned. “All I ever do is stay home and watch TV with you.”

“How do you think I feel?” said Peter.

They both looked at each other, nodded and quickly scoffed down their breakfast.

“Hurry up!” Shouted Ali.

“I’m trying” , called out Peter, tying his shoe laces.

As they entered the abandoned forest, snaps of twigs and crunches of leaves surrounded them. Deep down inside them both, they were really scared to actually go in here. Nobody had been in since the day of the accident. The day James and Sally disappeared. The day Tom was attacked. Just the thought of it sent shivers down their spine.

They just wanted to impress their friends, but Peter was usually a sensible kid and hated getting into any sort of trouble. Where as Ali, well, let’s say he’s very mischievous and loves mysteries. Anyway, they saw a figure in the distance. Looks  of terror spread across their faces’. It was growling now. The growling was getting louder. The shadow came towards them. Closer. Closer. Closer. The pair were too scared to even move. They just stood there confused and horrified.

“Maybe we should t… turn back n… now” , stuttered Peter.

Then there was complete silence apart from the cold breeze, until finally they started walking back home. Suddenly, Ali tripped over a rock. He had cut his knee quite badly and couldn’t get up! Peter looked back and so the creature staring right back at him with red, fearless eyes.

“Ali you’ve got to get up quick!” He cried.

Ali replied, “ I can’t it hurts so bad but I don’t want this thing to get me!”

Peter put Ali’s arm around his shoulder. It was hopeless, he just couldn’t walk ; the boys were in big, big trouble now.

“Run!” , Peter bellowed, tripping over twigs and branches as they tried to escape the forest packed with wolves.

The beast gave a snarl and jumped out to get Peter! Luckily, he dodged picked up Ali practically dragging him up from the ground. Ali was in tears by this point but tried running to save his life. They ran on and on and on -well, Ali limped.

The sky turned darker and soon, they didn’t know where they were going. Without noticing, they didn’t know that the animal had gone off elsewhere, so they still ran in the wet, soggy rain.

This time, Peter slipped but didn’t land on the ground instead his fingers were gripping onto the edge of an abyss!

“Ali! Help me!” Screamed Peter.

“Just hang on! Grab my hand, quick!” spoke a petrified Ali.

It was no good: whilst Ali cried with tears of pain and agony -his hand reaching out for his brother- Peter fell down… down… down…



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  1. Some excellent writing and exciting vocabulary Najiba. Well done!

  2. J McGuinness | Apr 26, 2018 at 5:27 pm | Reply

    Excellent story writing. There is a story competition coming up after Sats. I hope you enter it.

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