Wolves Are Animals

Wolfy put his paw on the cliff. “I’m going up!” he stated, taking a deep breath in. Tom pulled a rock off, “You’ll fall!” he cried. Wolfy’s mum picked him up with her teeth, “Done e o illy!” She shook her head. Wolfy struggled to get free. Tom rushed up, waving the rock in Wolfy’s face. “We’re just kids” he whispered. When they got home, Mum licked Wolfy clean and said, “The reason I don’t want you to go up Rock Cliff is because there are h…“ Wolfy walked away. Mum pulled him back. “I want you to explore but humans live up there and they, well they…” Wolfy sniffed the ground.
“I’ve heard. We’re not animals. Mum? Are we really?” His voice wobbled and a tear walked down his cheek. Mum took him in her arms. “Shh Shh, we’ll be animals, I promise.” Those words stuck in Wolfy’s mind.
Tom pulled Wolfy’s paw off the cliff. “In two days” said Wolfy, ”I’ll be alpha since I’m 15 today.” Wolfy was proud. Mum took a breath, “Happy birthday son, have this.” She handed him a box. Wolfy took it and put it in his pocket. There was a sudden rumble. “Mum, why am I alpha?” asked Wolfy quickly. “I’m queen” Mum admitted. “Now, EARTHQUAKE!” Wolfy ran around. The cliff next to Rock Cliff started to fall apart. Wolfy covered his eyes. “Mum” he said under his breath. A big shadow cast over him. He felt a push on his side. BANG. He- he was alright. Wolfy looked around. Mum was gone. Tears slipped out of his eyes. “AS ALPHA” he declared, “I COMMAND YOU TO LIFT THE ROCKS!” About 6 wolves ran forward and took off the boulders one by one. There she was. Mum was laid in the middle, dead. “MUM! NO NO, PLEASE NO.” Wolfy ran to the body. “We will hold A FUNERAL!” The next day, every wolf gathered round. “Our queen, we loved, she ruled, so brave…” they sang, not Wolfy though. He dried his tears. The song stopped. “SILENCE” he said. He tiptoed over to the coffin. “You saved my life. I promise, we will be animals. We won’t be nothing” he whispered. He began to shout “BURY HER!”
The following day, Wolfy stood at the bottom of Rock Cliff. A wolf came up with a staff. “Crowner” said Wolfy. The wolf put his staff on both of Wolfy’s shoulders. “ALPHA WOLFY” he declared. Wolfy nodded. After everyone had left, Wolfy rested his head against the cliff. He took out the box that Mum had given him. He opened it. It was a green bracelet. He slid it on. Too small, he thought. He put it back in the box and walked home. He took the box and put it under his bed. He laid on his bed and soon fell asleep. “I’m sorry mum” he whispered. When Wolfy woke up, he took out the bracelet. It looked very small and was very tight. “Probably from when I was little” he said and put it back under his bed. There was another box and a note. The note read: Go explore, I’m sorry I held you back, from mummy. He smiled and opened the box. It was a rope and a belt. Wolfy put the belt on and took the rope to Rock Cliff. “I need that..” Wolfy ran back to get his bracelet. He put it on and tried to get used to the tightness. It loosened. Wolfy attached one end of the rope to his belt and swung the other end around a thick branch then pulled it, it was stuck. He placed his paws on the cliff and began to walk. A few rocks fell but he was ok. Wolfy stood on top, proud. He took off his belt. “MY WOLVES” he cried “MY WOLVES I AM ON A MISSION! BECAUSE WE ARE ANIMALS.” A small cub walked to the bottom of the cliff. “I want to climb that. I want to be on a mission” he said, resting his paw on the cliff. Wolfy smiled. “I was like you as a cub, trust me, you will.” The cub smiled and walked back into the crowd. “WISH ME LUCK” Wolfy ended. As he turned around, a new world was what he saw. A man walked up to him as he approached a small tent. “A FOX!” cried the man, picking up a gun. Many others came by with guns of all kind. “I’m a wolf and don’t hurt me.” Wolfy trembled but it came out as a growl. ”A wolf! A wolf not a fox!” A small girl approached Wolfy. ”He’s a wolf!” she announced, pointing at him. Wolfy was as tall and a lot scarier than the girl. “A non-animal! KILL HIM!” shouted the man. “NO!” the girl said “No! He’s an animal! He’s kind! And he really is an animal!” Wolfy licked the girl’s hand to say thank you. “You’re a good, strong, kind animal” the girl whispered, stroking Wolfy’s fur. BOOM! A shot gun sounded. Another and another. The girl jumped on Wolfy, “Go, go!” He didn’t know what to do. He looked over the cliff edge. The cub threw him up a talkative collar. He put it on. ”I’M AN ANIMAL!” he yelled. Everything stopped. Every man, woman and child ran, but not the girl. She simply got off his back and looked over the edge. “Wow..I had no idea there was a palace!” she whispered, gazing at every wolf in the croud and ‘aww’ing at the cubs. “I’m the king” said Wolfy proudly, “ PUT ON YOUR COLLARS” he demanded. Click click click click. Wolfy tied the rope around the girl and sent her down. Then himself. From then on, the girl looked after all the wolves. And even Wolfy himself. As she got older, so did the wolves. She and the cub became best friends. When Wolfy died, the cub became alpha. And the whole thing started again. But this time with a girl. Cub and girl made sure this one thing was true –

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  1. I like this story. I wish I could have a great imagination like you.

  2. This was an amazingly beautiful story. I can see you use your imagination.

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